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Boot Camps

"We attended the Boot Camp and are implementing much of what we learned to make our practice more efficient.  Their team of consultants has also solved some complex issues for us that required some creative thinking.  We're very happy we found IP Associates."

- Attorney Fred Coover, Columbia, MD

"Excellent at answering questions; astoundingly knowledgeable.  It's nice to witness so much competence."

-Los Angeles Boot Camp Attendee

"I attended, along with our IT person, your recent TimeMatters boot camp.  I found the class to be one of the best seminars I have ever attended.  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and relayed the information in a manner that was easy to understand.  They were able to answer virtually every question raised to them.  After attending the seminar, I held a short  “how to” clinic for the members of our firm which highlighted just a few of the things I learned.  We began to implement many of the features in TimeMatters that was taught in the training.  Additionally, our firm continues to expand our use of TimeMatters, thanks to the information and resources you provided.  Thank you again.”

-Attorney Linda Conaway, Canyon Lake, CA

"It’s not just the number of years that Neil Johnson has in the trenches with TimeMatters, it’s that he gets it.  He understands the need to take the flexibility of TimeMatters and turn it into a productive tool for running a law firm.  He also can explain how to use TimeMatters in clear, understandable terms.  It’s a nexus that is hard to find.   But it is with that knowledge that his Boot Camp takes you a long way down the road toward using TimeMatters as a great law firm resource." 

-Attorney Warren Dranite, Santa Rosa, CA

"Time Matters is a very powerful program and Boot Camp is a great way to learn more about Time Matters. Even long time users are likely to walk away with multiple tips that will enhance the usefulness of the program.  Jeff and Neil offer a full day of dynamic presentations and useful information and a great handout to help you when you leave."

-Caren Schwartz, CIC since Time Matters 4.0, Southport, CT

"I can assure you that you will find the Boot Camps well worth the time and money.  I have sat in on three Boot Camps in NYC (I am a CIC and have been working with Time Matters since 1996 and teaching some of the certified user classes in NY so I know the program pretty well) and came away with ideas and tips at both. There are no slideshows; it’s very interactive, entertaining and practical.  It covers best practices: What you should be doing and not “how to add a record”.  The course assumes you already have a basic understanding of Time Matters and exposes you to more advanced uses and functions.  They also left plenty of time for questions and the materials are good as well.  Enjoy!

 -Carol Schlein, CIC since Time Matters 3.0, Montclair, NJ

"This is a great opportunity to learn, or revisit, some of the more powerful features of Time Matters from two very knowledgeable and experienced Certified Independent Consultants.  Whether you have had formal training or learned on your own this is a chance to see a different perspective on everyday tasks as well as those that you seldom use, and maybe have forgotten.  The training is cohesive, organized, applicable and comprehensive yet still leaving time to interact with the audience and answer pertinent questions."

-Dan Hutchison, CIC since Time Matters 4.0, Minneapolis, MN

"Yesterday’s Boot Camp was excellent.  Thanks very much for your time and expertise."

- Attorney Paul D. Hunt, Alameda, CA


Time Matters Users Guide

"I am very impressed by the Time Matters User Manual, and think it is truly EXCELLENT. Its 250 pages are packed with step-by-step instructions on  how to use Time Matters; not just where to find it. It is logically organized to help users at all levels to find information on basic and advanced features.  It includes installation instructions and other setup information, great screenshots, quick start tips and Laptop setup instructions as well. Each time that I use this manual, I am reminded of how well designed it really is.  I highly recommend the Time Matters User Guide to all my clients."

 -Carolyn MacKenzie, CIC since Time Matters 3.0,Coral Springs, FL

IPA System

"We used Time Matters for years and even tried customizing it ourselves, but we don’t have the time or expertise to make it work the way we know it can.  IPA’s practice templates instantly increased our use of key features and made us more efficient and productive!  Now we practice more and worry less—thanks IPA"

- Attorney S.C., Irvine, CA





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