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Are you tired of using Time Matters in a generic way?  If you are one of those users who feel that you are not using Time Matters to its full potential and wish that it worked more like you do, The IPA System for Time Matters/Total Practice Advantage is the answer.

The IPA System is a system of Practice Area Templates for users of Time Matters and LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage.  The IPA System for Time Matters was designed to be an affordable and easy to use solution for firms of all sizes.  Our templates include everything a firm needs to increase productivity and profitability through more effective use of Time Matters.

Why Choose IPA System for Time Matters ?

Every IPA System for Time Matters Practice Area Template includes the following common features:

  • Customized Form Style
  • Practice area Synopsis Power View
  • IP Associate’s QuickFlow System for workflow automation
  • Practice area Checklists and Outlines
  • Document Tracking
  • Task Delegation
  • More than a dozen unique and useful Power Views

A Better Way to use Time Matters

Manage your cases more effectively with easy access to key case information.  One-click access to contacts and cast members, tasks, documents, and other critical case information makes case

management easier than ever.

Enhance efficiency of entering and finding data through an easy-to-use field layout all on one entry tab; no more searching through cluttered forms or meaningless fields.

Spend more time practicing law and less time searching for phone numbers, documents and other data that should be at your fingertips.

Quickly create common documents, tasks and checklists via our simple and unique QuickFlow System.

Hit the ground running with Time Matters without having to spend considerable time and money customizing it to your needs.

Quickly learn The IPA System because of the uniform look and feel throughout every Practice Area Template.

A More Effective Way to Conduct Your Day

Data entry has never been so easy because all key fields are on one tab and laid out so users know exactly where to find the field they need.

Need more? Customizing any part of a Practice Area Template to your  specific firm’s needs is easy.  We get you most of the way there, but leave you with plenty of flexibility to make additions or changes if needed.  Add your own unique fields, document templates, task delegation, and checklists to meet your firm’s needs.


Manage Case Information

Locate information quickly and easily.  Case Synopsis Power Views show you the key information relevant to the case in seconds.   When someone calls about a case anyone can answer their question immediately.

One-click access.  Custom Power Views mean you are one click away from complete information about  important people, calendar entries, tasks and documents.

Instantly see critical information such as negotiations, damages, and a printable service list in our practice area specific Power Views.

Correspond more efficiently since phone numbers and email addresses are immediately available.

Streamline Your Workflow

Never miss a critical step.  Outline Checklists itemize the steps necessary to complete a process.  Quickly turn any step into an Event, ToDo or Document and delegate it if desired.

Save time and frustration.  Our QuickFlow System creates records quickly and consistently.  Most common tasks and document templates are included, and you can add as many of your own as you see fit.  Automation made easy!

Better Task & Document Tracking

Task Transparency. Our advanced task tracking system allows you to assign and monitor tasks internally.  Know who is doing what for whom and whether it is done!

Advanced Document Tracking.  Our built-in automatic folder and file naming system saves documents easily and consistently.  Special Power Views show documents due back to you, documents you owe others, or displays all of them by date, name or type.  This is document management made easy, allowing you to save and find documents faster than ever!

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