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Social Security Feature Package (SSFP)

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The IP Associates Social Security Feature Package (SSFP) is the most comprehensive social security package for Time Matters/Total Practice Advantage that was ever developed. SSFP makes it easy to track all of your SS cases from the intake process through final Awards and payment receipts.

SSFP was designed with the help of one of the largest and well known social security firms in the country, one with combined attorney experience of over 100 years in this practice area. The development process took over six months and has been tested thoroughly in practice.

SSFP integrates with the LexisNexis Social Security Automated Forms, making it easy to prepare the most up-to-date SSA forms directly through Time Matters. A multitude of reports are available, designed using the powerful reporting tool Crystal Reports.

The Total Solution

  • Hundreds of AutoEntry Forms and Triggers to
    track the status of the case

  • Allows delegation of ToDo's

  • Creates the necessary documents and forms required

  • No more having to dig through the paper file to review the status of a case

  • Determines which deadline is approaching

  • Everything about a case is right at your fingertips.

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