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Social Security Feature Package (SSFP)
Feature Set

Auto Entry Forms

Over 500 AutoEntry Forms to control:

  • Status changes
  • Workflow
  • Task Delegation
  • Document/SSA Forms Preparation

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18 Custom Form Styles

  • 30+ Formattable Clipboard Templates
  • Correspondence Document Templates
  • Back Benefits/Attorney Fees Calculator
  • 75 Hot Docs template extensions that aid in preparing SSA Forms

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Phone/Case Notes Tracking

  • 75 Document Merge Templates for Residual Functional Capacity
  • Highly customized Power Views that make tracking of cases a breeze
  • Over 320 Triggers/Action Items
  • To-do's and more automatically created as case status changes
  • Dozens of reports using the powerful Crystal Reports tool

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Start to Finish Tracking

  • Prospect/client Intake (Intake form) (Details)
  • Initial Application
  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing
  • Appeals Council (Review)
  • Federal Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Remands
  • EAJA & 406(b) Fees

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